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The covent garden string quartet

Yes that's us, although we are really a quintet.. Sorry if we fiddled in your face or ruined your phone call, we promise it was very entertaining for all those watching however!

We are a group of vibrant string players that specialise in high energy performances that are guaranteed to entertain.

Originally formed in 1999 Oopsie Mamushka have developed a show combining marvellous musicianship, fancy footwork and a healthy dose of audience participation that will get a room buzzing with delight.

Often to be found performing in Covent Garden Market, London, we have taken the unrestrained style of street theatre and adapted it to suit almost every occasion. Perfect for festivals, corporate events, weddings and other celebrations, we will always make your event memorable.

Oopsie Mamushka roaming string quartet covent garden

A wedding string quartet with a unique twist

Looking for some wedding entertainment ideas or something a little different with which to suprise your guests? Look no further!

For private and corporate events we offer an unforgettable experience.

We can start seated in a corner for your wedding ceremony or drinks reception, dressed in our finery doing the classical wedding string quartet thing. Then, as your guests begin to move around and mingle our troupebecomes gradually more animated.

Wandering amoungst your wedding party or the delegates of your corporate event we can entertain at every angle. Huge smiles as standard.

Oopsie Mamushka roaming string quartet covent garden

Who have we performed for?

Over the years we have been lucky enough to play for some wonderful people and businesses such as:

Oopsie Mamushka roaming string quartet covent garden

What do people say about us?

Here are some wondefully kind words and praise that we have recieved:

"Oopsie Mamushka were lovely and couldn't have been a more elegant bonus to our lunch party, everybody has commented on how surreal it was to have the beautiful sound of such a professional quartet in the background while they ate their lobster!"
Sarah Tillie - Private Client

"Oopsie were professional, exciting, hilarious and massively entertaining - we're so pleased booked them. They absolutely wowed a crowd of 150+ aged from 5 to 85.

"Since seeing them at the Union Chapel two years ago, we were super-keen to have them perform at our family event. It was a dream come true, and their fantastic musicianship, flexibility and brilliant sense of improvisational fun led to great audience participation as well as spontaneous infant-dancing! Just fab - we massively recommend them to all and sundry."
Paul Goodman - Concerto Group

"Unique and charming they are the most interesting string quartet I have ever seen, I love them! I feel so privileged to have had them make my guests laugh at my wedding!"
Sam Sontag, Private Client

"Everyone one loved them! We hired Oopsie for our wedding ceremony strings and they were perfect. No one expected the show later on. People would be having a drink on the lawn when suddenly and violinist is at their ear grinning away and playing Bach with furious speed. Brilliant!"
Tamsin Farin, Private Client

"I wanted something special for my 60th in Surrey. Stormont do all of our entertainment and they suggest Oopsie to spice up the celebration. They were perfection. Starting off with a sophisticated background set they set a wonderful tone then later as all were a few glasses down, they became gradually more engaging and funny. They were the most talked about aspect of the day!"
Stuart Samson-Brown, Private Client

Oopsie Mamushka roaming string quartet covent garden

A little more detail about the string ensemble

Lineup — The ensemble consists of: violin, violin, viola, cello and double bass. The group can appear as a trio, quartet or quintet.

Performance Options — Oopsie Mamushka can perform for wedding ceremonies, as background entertainment for receptions and dinners whilst their standing show can be used to break the ice in any circumstance.

Oopsie Mamushka roaming string quartet covent garden

Our repertoire

Our classical repertoire is extensive and they are more than happy to learn new pieces of music for an occasion. Please contact our lovely agent Mark for the full repertoire.

When roaming or performing our standing show you can expect to hear rearranged scores such as:

We also have a number of show tunes up their sleeves including songs such as:

Oopsie Mamushka roaming string quartet covent garden

Our friends

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Andy and Sib — the looping wedding acoustic duo

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